Amazon Just Dropped The Funniest Super Bowl Ad Ft. Cardi B, Chef Ramsay

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YouTube / Amazon

Alexa is such a device, robot, person? Point is, the intelligent personal assistant was developed by Amazon to make our lives easier.

With voice interaction, this ~thing~ can make your phone calls, jot down a to-do list, play music for you, provide traffic and weather information, share news, and so on. It's a hit... a lot of people own one.

But what would happen if one day Alexa looses her voice? Well, she has a replacement—tons of them!

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With the Super Bowl LII just around the corner, Amazon has unveiled the commercial they will roll out during the football game. In one minute and 30 seconds, they introduce us to Alexa's new voice replacements.

These include celebrities Cardi B, Chef Gordon Ramsey, Rebel Wilson, and Sir Anthony Hopkins portraying Alexa's backups. From Cardi B singing Bodak Yellow when asked to play country music to Chef Ramsey cursing someone out because they're asking for a grilled cheese recipe, the ad is nothing but HILARIOUS.

Even Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos makes an appearance at the beginning of the clip. Check out the full commercial below:

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