This Gadget Turns Your Cellphone Photos Into Polaroids Because Nostalgia Is Real

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With iPhones and Samsungs taking over the world, competition in the cellphone world is tough! But Motorola is not afraid of its rivals; in fact, they've found a clever way to get everyone on their team.

Just in time for the holidays—and because people are more obsessed with pop nostalgia than ever before—the company has unveiled a gadget that can print instant polaroids from your cell phone.

Like, excuuuuuse me, but move over Instax Mini 9 and make way for the new Polaroid Insta-Share Printer.

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This snap-on tech toy turns your smartphone into an instant photo printer "to share your moment, in the moment." The process, according to Motorola, is a piece of cake.

  • Simply snap the mod on your moto z,
  • click the physical button to launch the camera and take a picture,
  • then print right from your phone.

You can even print photos from your Facebook, Instagram, and Google Photos, and customize pics with filters, borders, and text. Oh, and they print in form of a sticker, so you can plaster those babies wherever you want.

The Polaroid Insta-Share Printer will cost you—or whoever is getting it for you as a Xmas gift— $199.99.

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