Is It True That They Can Spy On You From Your Smartphone Camera?

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Mobile phones are easily one of the most important items that a person carries each day. We use them to communicate, entertain ourselves, and so much more. Smartphones are part of our daily life that it's safe to say that most of us feel naked without it.

As important as these devices are to us, it is imperative that they remain secure. That's what makes the possibility of being spied on through your own personal smartphone absolutely terrifying. Unfortunately, this is not a myth and has been proven by various security experts who have tested a variety of mobile brands.

Is it true that they can spy on me from the camera on my cell phone?

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Most computers come standard with a webcam and the microphone, and so do today's smartphones. Your phone is basically a mini mobile computer so, if a computer can be hacked so can your smartphone.

There are different applications especially dedicated to Android and Apple phones that can be used to spy through malicious software. They allow you to take the remote control of your cell phone, including the camera, which can be used to capture photos and record videos with audio. These applications with spyware can be used to access your mobile phone and execute theses processes without the knowledge or consent of the device owner.

Below you can see in action a spy app created by security experts to showcase the vulnerabilities. In this case, the Android operating system with the app running on a Nexus 5 is able to work even when the smartphone screen is locked.

These malicious spy applications can not only harm your privacy through your mobile camera but also access contacts, text messages, email accounts, social networks, passwords, and other private data.

The Android phones are more vulnerable to attack by these spies because each manufacturer modifies the code of the operating system. The iPhone is not immune to spyware, especially if you have a jailbreak on the phone to install applications and tweaks from third-party stores or get pirated apps.

The best way to take care of yourself is to never download applications from outside the App Store or Google Play, and not apply a Jailbreak, or in the case of Android, avoid installing apps from the unknown sources.

In addition, you should take the same precautions you would use on your computers to remain secure. Not clicking on unknown links that arrive in the mail or messaging applications can go a long way to protect your privacy. It is also advisable to not open unknown attachments. Finally, it never hurts to have installed an antivirus or antimalware. Still, there is no guarantee.


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