Instagram Stories Rips Yet Another Page From Snapchat’s Book With This New Feature

instagram stories rips yet another page from snapchats book with this new feature 1
Worawee Meepian/Shutterstock

At this point, most of your friends have probably stopped using Snapchat and are now obsessed with Instagram Stories. I don't blame them. With IG stories there's no fuss with everything you need in one app.

Instagram Stories has been criticized for not having as many features as Snapchat, and to shut the naysayers up, have debuted a new feature—geo stickers. 

The new geo stickers will only be available in Jakarta and New York City for now, so while you wait for the new feature to hit your city, see the Instagram story hacks video below. 

Who knew you could change the color of the marker you want to use just by holding down the color you want? 

These hacks will definitely up your IG Story game, while you wait for new features to roll in. 


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