This Is The Breast Pump All The Cool Moms Will Be Using

The Willow Pump

Smart breast pumps aren't unheard of, but this particular one is going to make life a lot easier for moms. Pumping can be a bit of a chore with moms being forced to hold up devices in order to extract milk.

Instead of forcing mothers who breastfeed to sit down like other other pumps do, the Willow breast pump uses two separate motorized cups that fit into a mother's nursing bras and can be used on the go.

The device has no external tubes, cords, or dangling bottles. All mothers have to do is slip the relatively quiet teardrop-shaped cups into their nursing bras and press the button to start the device.

The Willow Pump

When in use, milk fills the replaceable bags that hold up to four ounce through the valve while Willow measures the amount of liquid that is collected and sends the info to a companion app. Parents or caregivers can then use this information to keep track of how much milk is being produced and how much supply is left.

The $429 price tag sounds like a lot of cash to dish out, but it is pretty comparable to what people expect to pay for regular motorized breast pumps. When you factor in the other advantages that Willow provides, it may just be worth it when the device goes on sale Spring 2017.


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