This Trick Could Stop Your Phone Battery From Suddenly Losing Juice

Leonardo Patrizi/iStock

Most of the time smartphone batteries start out working to perfection, when it's brand new. They get you through most of the day without having to be recharged no matter how much use it gets. But batteries are known to be the root of frustration after you've had your cell phone for a while.

Over time your battery just doesn't last as long as it once did. As your phone gets older it seems to have trouble holding its charge or takes forever just to get the battery charge percentage to go up a little bit. That’s usually when people start praying that the phone makes it through until the next available upgrade. Fortunately, there is a trick that may just get you over the hump.

The lithium ion battery in cell phones experience this hardship because of how they charge. In order to help prevent your battery from damage and overcharging, it stops charging before it reaches 100 percent, and vice versa powers down before the battery is actually dead.

What’s happening is that your phone is acting up because it is actually confused, most likely because of ions being trapped due to degenerative effects and internal corrosion likely caused by you overcharging your phone. So if your phone is losing juice fast here’s little hack that may help you get it back on track.

The first step is to let your phone go completely dead and power down on its own to the point where it will not power back on. Once that happens, charge it completely and then leave it on the charger fully charged for a couple of hours. Then unplug and restart your phone and repeat the process by letting it completely die and fully recharge again. Hopefully, after doing this your phone will have recalibrated its battery life.


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