This Bracelet Lets You Use Your Phone On Your Skin

Cicret Bracelet/YouTube

A bracelet that allows you to use your smart phone on your skin without actually touching your phone is a possibility. While it is indeed a fantastic idea, it does make me think that at some point in the amazing evolution of tech, we will eventually have to ask ourselves how much is too much. 

Hopefully that day never comes, but if it does it is potentially decades away, so for now let's enjoy the great technology being thrown at us.

Cicret is a bracelet that projects the screen of your phone onto the wearer's forearm for use as it is in the palm of your hand. The device works as the picoprojector projects the phone's interface on your arm. When a finger is placed on the interface it interrupts one of the proximity sensors that sends the information back to the bracelet.

The Cicret bracelet isn't on the market yet, but if and when it becomes available, it will come in 10 different colors and two memory sizes, 16GB or 32GB. In my opinion, the biggest plus about the bracelet is that it allows the wearer to have both hands free while operating it.


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