7 Iconic Princess Diana Outfits That Inspired Meghan Markle And Kate Middleton

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Auguel/Wikimedia Commons

Since the arrival of Meghan Markle to the British royalty, comparisons of her style with that of Princess Diana have been inevitable, but not only her, Kate Middleton also has a way of dressing very similar to that of her deceased mother-in-law.

#1 Rosewood, a classic of royalty

Three different skin tones and all look really beautiful, this color is very flattering.

#2 Bold prints

Although they look similar, each outfit has its own essence.

#3 Casual and elegant

A perfect outfit for the office and for royalty.

#4 Royal blue

This tone is also very flattering for any skin color, the three look beautiful.

#5 Floral print

Elegant, classic and very comfortable.

#6 Nude coats

Is there anything more classic than this combination?

#7 Sailor print

One of Lady Di's favorites and now of her daughters-in-law.

Which look did you like best?

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Translated article original published on VIX Spanish, by Gabriela Nava.