These Are The Best Fragrances That Have Won An 'Oscars Of Perfumes' Since 1976

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Did you know that there is an international award that is known as the "Oscar of Perfumes"? For more than 40 years ago, Fragrance Foundation selects and pays tribute to the fragrances that stood out the most each year, with the aim of stimulating the global perfumery market.

Focusing mainly on feminine products, the award has recognized more than 130 perfume brands in almost half a century of history. In this period, the main category was divided into three different ones, to adapt to the profile of consumers: luxury, popular and prestigious. The latter refers to the perfumes most loved and desired by women.

The list of winners, made up of some iconic names, reveals a lot about how the taste for aromas evolves over time. Although some of them are no longer for sale, it is confirmed that the classics never go out of style.

Would you like to know if your favorite perfume was one of the winners in the Fragrance Foundation Awards? Then we invite you to look for it on our list.

Note:The awards exist since 1973, but it was in 1976 when the prestige category was born. In some editions, even more than one fragrance won that title, as was the case in 2004 and 2006. In 1993, 1994 and 1995 no awards were given in that category.

#1 Halston Classic, Halston (1976)

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Launched for sale in 1975, the first perfume from the Halston brand won over the audience for its intense floral scent. The product is considered one of the strongest aromas, whose success was demonstrated between the 1970s and 1980s.

#2 Blazer, Anne Klein (1977)

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In the same line of the most intense perfumes, the designer Anne Klein created in 1976 a fragrance named Blazer. The product was loved by the customers of the time and this was demonstrated in his appointment as the perfume of the year in 1977.

#3 Oscar, Oscar de la Renta (1978)

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The brand of the Dominican stylist Oscar de la Renta had its first perfume in 1977 and was named after the designer. Combining with the time, the fragrance also followed the trend of intense floral aromas, this time with citrus touches.

#4 Opium, Yves Saint Laurent (1979)

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Opium, of the French brand Yves Saint Laurent, caused a stir in the 1980s. Launched in 1977, it further strengthened the fashion of intense perfumes, with many citrus notes and rich in spices.

#5 Galanos Eau de Toilette, Galanos (1980)

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This was one of the few fragrances from the brand of the famous stylist James Galanos, who died in 2016 at the age of 82. With a striking floral aroma, it was very successful in the 1980s.

#6 Flora Danica, Royal Copenhagen (1981)

flora danica perfume 0618 1400x850

Considered a vintage item in the world of perfumery, Flora Danica was the only fragrance created by Royal Copenhagen in 1980. This concentrated cologne has an intense floral scent and notes of amber.

#7 Anaïs Anaïs, Cacharel (1982)

anais anais cacharel 0618 1400x1400

In an atmosphere of intense aromas, Cacharel invented a fresher and lighter, which he called Anaïs Anaïs. With citrus and sweet touches, the product won the Fragrance Awards in 1982.

#8 Raffinée, Houbigant (1983)

raffinee perfume 0618 1400x1400

Another classic of the 80s, the floral perfume Raffinée, by Houbigant, was a success among the female audience and took the title of the most prestigious in 1983.

#9 KL, Karl Lagerfeld (1984)

kl karl lagerfeld perfume 0618 1400x1400

The brand name of Karl Lagerfield premiered KL in 1983 and was awarded the best of the year in 1984. The aroma, which also had its male version, was highlighted by the mixture of floral notes with spices.

#10 Paris, Yves Saint Laurent (1985)

paris ysl perfume 0618 1400x1400

Always standing out in perfumery, Yves Saint Laurent won another prize at the Fragrance Awards with Paris, in 1985. With a more detailed packaging, the product has fresher floral notes and citrus touches.

#11 Obsession, Calvin Klein (1986)

obsession calvin klein perfume 0618 1400x1400
Beleza na Web

Almost an instant hit, Obsession was one of Calvin Klein's first perfumes. Placed in the market in 1985, this intense floral aroma continues to be one of the most outstanding of the brand, even 30 years later.

#12 Deneuve, Catherine Deneuve (1987)

deneuve perfume 0618 1400x1800

Although the French actress Catherine Deneuve has been the face of Chanel for many years, in 1986 she created her own fragrance under the name of Deneuve. The extinct perfume attracted attention for its concentrated floral aroma.

#13 Passion, Elizabeth Taylor (1988)

passion elizabeth taylors 0618 1400x1400

The actress Elizabeth Taylor was another movie star who expanded her business beyond the big screen with the launch of her own perfume, called Passion. The aroma, which also had its male counterpart, had an intense floral background with sweet notes.

#14 Eternity, Calvin Klein (1989)

eternity calvin klein 0618 1400x1400

Eternity, by Calvin Klein, won the best of the year award in 1989 and is still very much loved today. Very different from the fragrances of its time, its smell was won over to the public with its light and fresh floral formula.

#15 Red, Giorgio Beverly Hills (1990)

red giorgio berverly hills 0618 1400x1400

Unlike other perfumes, Red was invented especially by the perfumer Bob Aliano for the emblematic Giorgio boutique in Beverly Hills, California. With concentrated and intense floral aroma, it was placed as the best of 1990 according to the Fragrance Foundation.

#16 Safari, Ralph Lauren (1991)

safari ralph lauren 0618 1400x1400

Before becoming a reference in sports-style perfumes, Ralph Lauren won an award from the Fragrance Foundation with the strong floral scent of Safari. Designed in 1990, the product featured a male version that exhibited a very similar packaging.

#17 Escape, Calvin Klein (1992)

calvin klein escape perfume 0618 1400x1400

Repeating his victory, Calvin Klein won his third prize at the Fragrance Awards in 1992 with Escape. The fragrance was noted for its sweet fruit notes with touches of wood and vanilla.

#18 Acqua Di Giò, Giorgio Armani (1996)

acqua di gio women perfume 0618 1400x1400

Acqua Di Giò can be considered one of the most famous perfumes of the '90s. Much fresher and lighter than its predecessors, the product of Giorgio Armani came out in 1995 and was recognized by the Fragrance Foundation in 1996.

#19 Allure, dChanel (1997)

perfume chanel allure 0618 1400x1400

Sharing attention with the classic n ° 5, Allure is another of Chanel's greatest successes. Of floral aroma with citrus touches, the fragrance was chosen as the best of the year in 1997.

#20 Clinique Happy, Clinique (1998)

happy clinique perfume 0618 1400x1400

Happy was one of the few perfumes launched by the brand of cosmetics Clinique. Her floral scent full of citrus so much charmed consumers that she won the best of the year award in 1998.

#21 Romance, Ralph Lauren (1999)

romance ralph lauren 0618 1400x1400

With a refined floral aroma, Romance is located inside the top of the Ralph Lauren collection. Created by the perfumer Harry Fremont, its smell captivates by the balanced fresh notes and its long duration on the skin of the user.

#22 Gucci Rush, Gucci (2000)

gucci rush perfume 0618 1400x1400

Gucci Rush was the first fragrance of the Italian brand Gucci that won an award in the prestigious category of the Fragrance Awards. Born in 1999, the perfume possesses a floral aroma with marked fruity touches.

#23 J'adore, Dior (2001)

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Lojas Renner

Created by the perfumer Calice Becker, J'adore became one of the icons of the French brand Dior. Its base of floral aromas with citrus and fruit notes won the best of the year award in 2001.

#24 Coco Mademoiselle, Chanel (2002)

coco mademoiselle chanel 0618 1400x1400

Coco Mademoiselle was awarded as the best at the Fragrance Foundation Awards in 2001. With a citrus base, it is distinguished by its floral notes with a slightly sweet background.

#25 Chance, Chanel (2003)

chance chanel perfume 0618 1400x1400

Chance is another classic of Chanel perfumes. Awarded in 2003, it is an aroma that comes from the mind of the perfumer Jacques Polge. Its smell is floral with a fruity citrus background.

#26 Pure Tiffany, Tiffany (2004)

pure tiffany perfume 0618 1400x1400

With minimalist packaging, Pure Tiffany is one of the few fragrances of jewelry Tiffany and Co. Born in 2003, has well balanced floral notes with subtle citrus touches. In 2004 he shared the first place with Burberry's Brit.

#27 Burberry Brit, Burberry (2004)

brit burberry perfume 0618 1400x1400
The Beauty Box

The sales success of the English brand Burberry. Brit was a hit among younger customers thanks to its packaging and its light floral fragrance with soft fruity notes.

#28 Prada (Amber), Prada (2005)

prada perfume 0618 1400x850
Magnata Perfumes

Prada (Amber) is the only perfume of Prada that appears on the list of winners in the prestigious category of the competition. Also with minimalist airs, the fragrance is highlighted by a more intense woody aroma with light sweet touches.

#29 Narciso For Her, Narciso Rodriguez (2006)

narciso rodriguez for her 0618 1400x1400

Recognized for its perfumes that fascinate both women and men, the Narciso Rodriguez brand won an award from the Fragrance Foundation with its Narciso For Her. The product mixed the aroma of rose and peach and shared the first position with Euphoria from Calvin Klein.

#30 Euphoria, Calvin Klein (2006)

euphoria calvin klein perfume 0618 1400x1400
Lojas Renner

A sales success since its launch in 2005. Euphoria was another Calvin Klein name that appeared on the list of winners of the contest. Long lasting, the perfume has a floral base marked with a light woody touch.

#31 Juicy Couture, Juicy Couture (2007)

juicy couture perfume 0618 1400x1400

Juicy Couture, from the homonymous brand, was another invention of the famous perfumer Harry Fremont. With a fruity floral aroma, the fragrance won the title of the most prestigious in 2007. At present, it continues to be one of the best sellers.

#32 Daisy, Marc Jacobs (2008)

daisy marc jacobs 0618 1400x1400

Daisy managed to establish Marc Jacobs within the universe of perfumery, and also gave him the best of the year award at the Fragrance Awards in 2008. In addition to its creative packaging, the fragrance was noted for its floral aroma with woody touches.

#33 Love, Lil’Angel, Music, Baby and “G”, Harajuku Lovers (2009)

harajuku lovers fragrance 0618 1400x650
Harajuku Lovers

In 2009, the Fragrance Foundation decided to reward not only a perfume but a complete collection. In this edition, the organizers awarded the Harajuku Lovers Fragrance line of the Harajuku brand. Each of the five fragrances has a lovely package.

#34 Lola, Marc Jacobs (2010)

lola marc jacobs 0618 1400x1400

For the second time, Marc Jacobs was victorious in the prestige category with the Lola product. The fragrance, which is contained in a purple packaging with a colorful cap, continues with the line of light and floral aromas, with hints of fruit.

#35 Gucci Guilty, Gucci (2011)

gucci guilty perfume 0618 1400x1400

Signed by the perfumer Aurelien Guichard, Gucci Guilty took the title of the best of the year thanks to its fruity floral aroma with citrus notes. It also guarantees a long duration on the skin.

#36 Violet Blonde, Tom Ford (2012)

violet blonde tom ford 0618 1400x1400

Violet Blonde is one of the few feminine options that make up the line of perfumes of the brand of the stylist Tom Ford. With a woody floral aroma, the fragrance was awarded in the prestigious category of the Fragrance Awards in 2012.

#37 DOT, Marc Jacobs (2013)

dot marc jacobs 0618 1400x1400

The aroma of flowers and fruits of DOT conquered many consumers around the world and guaranteed Marc Jacobs the prize in 2013. In addition to the smell, the product also draws attention with its original bottle that carries a red pattern with black dots.

#38 Modern Muse, Estèe Lauder (2014)

modern muse estee lauder 0618 1400x1400

With a floral woody odor, Modern Muse awarded Estèe Lauder its first prize in the competition. Created in 2013, this fragrance is a creation of renowned perfumer Harry Fremont.

#39 Sì, Giorgio Armani (2015)

si giorgio armani perfume 0618 1400x1400

Back on the list, Giorgio Armani won another award at the Fragrance Awards thanks to the popularity of Sì. The perfume, created by Christine Nagel, has a fruit base with a soft sweetness.

#40 Decadence, Marc Jacobs (2016)

marc jacobs decadence perfume 0618 1400x1400

Another triumph for Marc Jacobs, this time thanks to Decadence. The fragrance, which landed in the market in 2015, has a bag-shaped packaging and its aroma is flowers with a little wood.

#41 Mon Paris Eau de Parfum, Yves Saint Laurent (2017)

mon paris ysl 0618 1400x1400

Mon Paris was another great achievement in the line of perfumes of Yves Saint Laurent and took the prize of the best of the year in 2017. With a well-defined fruit base, the fragrance has both citrus and woody touches.

#42 Gucci Bloom, Gucci (2018)

gucci bloom perfume 0618 1400x1400 1

Gucci Bloom is the most recent creation of the brand of the same name and already has the title of the best of the year in 2018. Created by the perfumer Alberto Morillas, its aroma is floral with orange citrus notes.

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