Forget About The Bags Under Your Eyes With This Fast And Cheap Hack

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The bags under the eyes are not a health problem to worry about, but they DO make you look more tired and old. The good thing is that you can eliminate them with a simple product that is waiting for you in your kitchen.

No, they are not cucumbers. The simplest and fastest way to get a fresh and rejuvenated face is with a drink that many love: black tea.

Black tea for the skin

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To eliminate eye bags using tea you just have to follow these simple steps:

  • Insert the tea bags into a cup of warm water.
  • Remove them and put them in the refrigerator.
  • Once they are cold, place them over your eyes for five to ten minutes.

In a matter of minutes your bags will disappear, because black tea has caffeine, which has the ability to reduce the size of blood vessels and soften the skin.

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Translated article original published on VIX Spanish, by Cecilia García.