Beauty On A Budget: How To Do A CHEAP Version Of Rihanna's Body Luminizer At Home

There's no denying that Rihanna is the queen of highlighters and always has radiant, glowing skin. That's why, the new item on Fenty Beauty is Body Lava, an illuminator for the whole body.

This ingenious product promises to leave the skin extremely spectacular and is ideal to shine in the summer. Body Lava is currently sold on Sephora and sets you back about $60, but don't worry because there's a way you can shine just as much if you're on a budget!

Thanks to Twitter user @leaahluv, the world has been blessed with a DIY version of RiRi's body luminizer. Check out the cheap alternative below:

This homemade dupe can be done with simple ingredients. Aleah used baby oil in his video, but other Twitter users suggested using almond oil or grape seed as a natural option since baby oil is not the safest in the sun.

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She got her favorite highlighter powder...

gifit 1523924973477

And poured it into the bottle of oil...

gifit 1523925000371

She mixed the ingredients and VOILA!

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Other uses also did their own DIY versions and the results are on-point.

Beauty is not all about spending lots of money. There are always ways to rock the latest trends without breaking the band and this is a perfect example!

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Translated article original published on VIX Spanish, by Gabriela Nava.