Women Are Bashing Target For Its Extremely Sexist Super Bowl T-Shirt Collection

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Not gonna lie... Target sells the cutest graphic tees, but sometimes they can take it too far.

With the Super Bowl LII just around the corner, Target has dropped a football-inspired collection for both men and women with all sorts of merch. Some of their new t-shirts are causing a stir on social media after they were unearthed by Director of US Government Affairs for Dropbox, Becky Tallent.

On Thursday, Tallent shared a photo of three designs calling their phrases sexist. "Seriously, @Target ??? I’m a female-type person that loves and regularly watches football. Didn’t see these shirts in the men’s section," she wrote.

The tees, which sell for about $13 online and in-stores, had slogans that read: "Let's Touchdown a Homerun," "Rooting for the Commercials," and "Is It Half Time Yet?" implying that women don't know anything about football.

Target responded to Tallent and said: "We value our guests and it's never our intention to offend you with the items we carry. We'll make sure your concerns are heard by our Merchandise team. Thank you for reaching out."

Although some people thought the shirts were funny and relatable to people who don't like sports, others agreed with Tallent.

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