Glitter Tongue Is The New Instagram Craze You're Totally Missing Out On

glitter tongue shutter

As I follow beauty trends, celebrities, and fashion influencers, there's only one thing I know far too well: Glitter is taking over the world. 

Kim Kardashian's Insta feed is glitz and glam everything, "glitter boobs" has become a popular festival trend, and glitter food is on the rise in 2018.

That's why it's no surprise that one of the latest crazes on Instagram is glitter tongue

For some weird reason, people are dipping their tongue in glitter and posing away. According to Indiana's Hot 96, this trend "involves covering your tongue in bio-glitter, a type of glitter designed specifically for makeup purposes."

This shimmery trend has been making the rounds on Insta as early as 2016 as part of many fashionable photoshoots. It began to pick up in 2017 and ~watch out~ because it's very much becoming a thing in 2018. 

Here's a roundup of everyone who's obsessed with this trend:

But before you jump on the craze, here's what you need to know about putting glitter in your mouth.

"FDA is advising home and commercial bakers to avoid using glitter and dust products to decorate cakes and other food items unless the products are specifically manufactured to be edible," notes the FDA website. "Most edible glitters and dusts also state 'edible' on the label. If the label simply says 'non-toxic' or 'for decorative purposes only' and does not include an ingredients list, the product should not be used directly on foods."

So, in a gist. Be very careful with this trend! 

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