Reindeer Boobs Is The New Christmas Trend, So There's That

ugly sweater

Men decorating their beards with ornaments has become a popular Holiday trend for some reason, and women are not staying behind either... sheeeeeeeeeet!

Behold, Rudolph Boobs

Also known as Reindeer Boobs, this fashion Christmas trend began making the rounds in 2016. It seems to be all the rage because it's still making headlines in 2017.

What is #ReindeerBoobs, you ask? It's basically a sweater or top with a whole on it so that your decorated boob pops out. In case you didn't get the memo, Ugly Sweaters are so over.

It's unsure as to how or even why this trend began, but some women don't seem to mind it.

Heck, there's nothing wrong with channeling your inner Little Kim during the festive season.

Men are also joining in on the trend because why not?

And be on the lookout... because #SnowmanBoob might just become next year's holiday trend.

Thoughts anyone?

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