Men Are Starting Their Own Holiday Trend With These Beard Ornaments

better rethink growing out that beard they can get filthy 1

If you got through No-Shave November (movement to raise awareness for cancer patients by embracing our body hairs) and want to shave your beard already—hold that thought. December is officially here and with it comes Christmas! Instead of shaving off your mustache and/or beard, why not season it up for the holidays with some beard ornaments?

As cray-cray as it may sound, men are actually picking up on this holiday trend and already decorating their lip rug with festive decorations.

This initiative was kicked off by Beardaments, a Salt Lake City company owned by beard enthusiasts. The company offers beard jewelry, beard glitter, and beard oils all under $20 to spice up your facial feats.

"Our beard products have been designed to cater to the modern man no matter how rugged he can get," notes the website. "From footballers and neighborhood friends to new dads and class clowns, gentlemen from all walks of life have had a blast decorating their beards with our clip-on ornament baubles."

Again, as weird as it looks, men are ready to make a statement at their family Christmas dinner or Ugly Sweater work party. I know these guys are.

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