Kat Von D Will Launch A Gorgeous Line Of Liquid Lipsticks For A Charitable Cause

Whether it's a new eyeshadow palette or eyeliner, Kat Von D is always surprising her fans and makeup lovers with new beauty products.

This time around, the renowned tattoo artist has introduced four new lipstick shades that are gorgeous AF: peachy pink, metallic midnight blue, warm scarlet and terracotta brick.

What makes each lipstick special, however, is the story behind them. You see, Kat's new everlasting liquid lipstick collection has been released in partnership with Farm Sanctuary, a nonprofit organization that rescues and protects farm animals from cruelty.

Each shade is named after a rescued animal at the Farm Sanctuary. Bruno the cow, Julia the pig, Hilda the sheep, and Thumbelina the chicken.

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In May, Kat shared the story behind the terracotta brick shade named after Hilda the sheep.

"I'm naming this beautiful terra-cotta brick shade: 'Hilda' - after the very first animal rescued by @farmsanctuary in 1986," she expressed on Facebook.

"Hilda was a sheep that had been found discarded on top of a pile of dead animals in a stockyard left to die slowly from starvation and neglect.Thankfully, because of compassionate activists like @genebaur and the folks over at @farmsanctuary, innocent animals [just like Hilda] are rescued, rehabilitated, and given a chance to live a long, loving life - and I can't wait to raise money from these 4 new Everlasting Liquid Lipstick shades to donate to @farmsanctuary!"

For every lipstick sold, 20 percent will go directly to Farm Sanctuary to help end animal suffering.

The official launch will be on November 14 at; December 1 on; and January 2018 in Sephora stores.

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