These Trends Actually Existed In The '90s And We're OK With That

The '90s have someone come back to haunt all Millennials and we're OK with that. Everything from the likes of fashion trends, TV shows, and even celebrities, have made comebacks because 2017 is the year to do so.

Don't believe me? Just check out some of the trends that were all the rage years ago. Newsflash: You probably owe something from this list ?.

1. Furry Crop Tops

These looked very itchy and very uncomfortable, but if Alicia Silverstone could rock it, so could I.

2. Silty Halter Tops

Same goes with that silky halter tops that people loved to wear.

3. Midriff, overall

Basically, showing midriff was what the '90s was all about.

4. Mushroom haircuts

Because if you didn't look like Leonardo DiCaprio or Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys, I didn't care.

5. Platform Shoes

Yes, even the sneakers had a platform. Even. The. Sneakers.

Shout out to the Spice Girls for making this trend HOT.

6. Matching outfits

Whether it's all burgundy, all black, or all white, wearing the same color is totally a thing now, but Jennifer Lopez did it first-ish.

7. Butterfly hair clips

Because you wouldn't dare go to school without your butterfly hair clips.

8. Body Jewelry

Forget piercings, people made statements with body jewelry.

9. Oversized denim

Still hot today!

10. Preppy

Thanks Clueless.

11. Slip dresses

Always made you look like a total celeb!

12. Frosted Tips

Men just LOVED this look and yeah, they looked hot AF.

13. Mood Rings

People knew exactly how you felt without having to say a word.

14. Twinning with squad

TLC did it. It's fine.

15. Jelly Shoes

Because summer wasn't complete without them.

16. Belly Chains

And then there was this trend...

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