People Are Starting To Wear Glitter Instead Of Clothes And The Internet Is Actually Kind Of Digging It

Remember Disco Tits? Yeah, that was the trend where women wore glitter and gems all over their puppies during festival season. While some people might think it's just a little too risque for them, a lot of other women figured hey, I have the body, so I might as well shine, b*tches.

While Disco Tits were hands-down the sexiest, sparkliest trend of the festival season, people seem to be taking it, um, a little far these days. A London-based glitter cosmetics company called Go Get Glitter shared some crazy-cool glitter "shirts" that women have been wearing to parties and other outdoor summer events like music festivals.

The trend started with women putting glitter on their roots and on their face, adding the perfect amount of sparkle to braids, eyeshadows, and cheekbones.

From there, models and partygoers started posting pictures of themselves wearing the glitter in the form of shirts and even leggings(?).

The craziest of all, though, might be the way women are starting to wear the glitter as full-on ensembles. Behold, glitter body (birthday?) suits.

Twitter seems very excited about the glitter tatas.

A woman from Go Get Glitter told the UK-based publication UNILAD,

People also really are becoming more accepting in regards to people expressing themselves and glitter is a fun and unique way to do this. I also think it’s extremely sexy… and who doesn’t want to see someone wearing a full mermaid glitter catsuit!? I definitely do!

There might actually be some truth to this, though. While it might seem a bit jarring at first for people to replace clothing with glitter, it could actually be a cool movement towards more body positivity. Anyone can wear it, regardless of body weight and tata size.

Glitter seems to be pretty popular these days and the possibilities are pretty much endless. Though we do have to do the socially responsible thing and warn ya'll ladies, please, keep the glitter out of your vagina.

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