Renting An IG Husband For Fashion Week Is Now A Reality

All the ladies whose Instagram game is impeccable have one thing in common, there’s an IG partner/boyfriend/husband behind the scenes snapping the photos, holding the accessories, and helping the entire process come to fruition.

Having an IG husband, or partner, is crucial to IG success, but what if you’re single and attending a big event like IDK New York Fashion Week? What do you do then? Well, you can now rent an IG husband! What a time to be alive.

Starting this week, Taskrabbit will be offering a line up of men and women who are up for rent and can serve as your IG partner. The prices start at $45 an hour and there is a limited supply, so if you're looking for someone to snap your OOTDS, hold your bags, and be your support during this bustling week, you might want to rent one of these peeps.

Now you’ll be able to compete with Negin Mirsalehi and the rest of the IG tastemakers.

The idea of an IG husband up for rent is hella genius and very creative, but I’m worried some might confuse an IG spouse for something else…


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