How Do You Use This 'Sex Chair'? Here Are 5 Positions You'll Love

If you've ever gone to a motel, then you'd most likely come across this peculiar piece of furniture, which is technically a yoga chaise lounge chair. For some people, it's known as a "sex chair," and perhaps you never used because of lack of knowledge.

The reason this chair is in your hotel room, to begin with, is because it makes for a great sex prop and can help increase pleasure.

Now, using this chair with your partner requires some skills, but keep trying and you'll be a master at it. Here are some tips to get the party started.

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# 1 The Hammer

Sit on top of your man while he lays or sits on the chair. Tell him to grab your waist and hips while you ride him.

# 2 Fusion

When you're done doing "girl on top," you can always try the "reverse cowgirl" on this chair. Both parties will love it!

# 3 The delight

Sit in the lower part of the chair (on the edge) and tell your partner to kneel in front of you and penetrate you very slowly. He can hold on to your butt for more support.

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# 4 Oral

Sit against the back of the chair so that your man has enough space to give you oral sex. It's a perf position to make eye contact also.

# 5 Doggy

When all fails, you can use the chair for deeper penetration during doggy style.

Remember to start with a sensational preamble so that the experience in the "foal of love" is from another world.

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