7 Urban Legends About Sex That Turned Out To Be True

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The hype about urban legends is people are on edge with them... should we believe them or not?

They always sound absurd, improbable and frightening, and always come from distant sources, unprovable, "it happened to a friend of a friend." But at the same time, they also have a persuasive and compelling part, and we are inclined to believe them, perhaps simply to imagine the world even more strange and incredible than it really is.

But what happens when we combine urban legends with sex?

The following urban legends about sex, which have been proving to exist, will amuse you. Check them out below:

7. Couples getting "stuck" together

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There have been proven cases of couples who were "stuck" during intercourse, as you have probably seen happening to dogs.

The phenomenon is called "penis captivus" and, although it is suspected that it is not too frequent, it can also be assumed that many cases remain unreported. The phenomenon occurs during sexual penetration when the muscles of the vagina are contracted, and as the penis is erect, it is impossible for the man to remove it. According to known cases, the binding is only for a few seconds.

6. Pregnancy through oral sex

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A story about a girl who got pregnant after performing oral sex to her boyfriend really seems worthy of an urban legend. However, this actually happened to a 15-year-old girl in Zimbabwe, according to ABC News.

The girl had been wounded with a stab in the abdomen by her boyfriend, who found her in exactly the same situation with another young man. 278 days later, the girl came to the hospital with severe abdominal pain, and the doctors were surprised to find a baby completely formed in her belly.

They concluded that their pregnancy was due to the semen coming from their stomach to their reproductive area through the wound that had caused the stab.

5. Unexpected orgasm


Most medications have different side effects, and they are usually unpleasant, unwanted and even dangerous.

However, a drug called clomipramine proved that not all side effects are necessarily bad. Clomipramine, which is prescribed as an antidepressant, caused orgasm in 5 percent of patients who consumed it. One woman stated that because of this she continued to use clomipramine even after she had been cured of her depression.

4. Getting pregnant while pregnant

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Did you think it was impossible for a woman to get pregnant while she was already pregnant? Well, although rare, it is something that has happened.

The phenomenon known as superfetation occurs with the successful fertilization of an egg released during the course of pregnancy, resulting in a pregnancy of twins, but of different gestational age.

So far there are no clear medical explanations as to why this can happen in women, and the main concern for doctors is usually about the second fetus, which can be born several weeks or months premature.

3. Too much sex can make you blind

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This is as odd as that other urban legend that masturbation causes the hair growth on the hands.

However, in the case of blindness, it may happen. Following the case of a man who stated that he was momentarily blind during orgasm, doctors discovered that this is possible because of vasoconstriction, the constriction of blood vessels, which increases blood pressure.

In other words, orgasm can cause the blood flow that allows the proper functioning of the eyes to stop, thus temporarily losing vision. Fortunately, if this happens, it is easily treated with vasodilator drugs that allow better functioning of the blood vessels in the eyes.

2. Male breastfeeding


Sounds hard to believe, but male breastfeeding is possible. There are documented cases of men who are not only capable of producing milk but also of breastfeeding.

The key to this is prolactin, the hormone that stimulates milk production in the mammary glands. Some medications or disorders are able to affect the male pituitary gland and allow a greater segregation of prolactin, thus allowing milk production.

Some scientists have pointed out that in the case of being able to regulate and control this aspect, it could become very useful and necessary in modern times, where childcare and the labor aspect is divided almost equally between man and The wife of the couple.

1. There are people willing to get HIV

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It would have been better if this were simply an urban legend, but unfortunately not.

This incomprehensible practice is known as "bug chasing", and consists of people who deliberately seek to have sex with other people with HIV to infect themselves with the virus. These people have been called "hunters," while people with HIV willing to have relationships with them and infect them are called "gift givers."

It is not yet clear why this phenomenon occurs. Some suppose that it is due to a twisted eagerness of belonging, others that perhaps it is a sickly desire to experience dangerous sensations and emotions. Or maybe it is simply due to ignorance about this serious illness.

One man reportedly stated that he wanted to become infected with HIV and then have sex without having to worry about a possible contagion. Several activists and experts have denounced the practice as a simple glorification of provoking harm to oneself.

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