The First Sex Robot Prepares To Debut

Women all over the world could be facing stiff competition. Sex robots are taking the words "sex toy" to an entirely new level. Thanks to artificial intelligence these highly realistic sex robots are the closest thing to a real human being that we've ever seen.

Soon we will be able to meet Harmony, a robot outfitted with sexy womanly features and functionality. Although its main role is being an advanced sex toy, it will be highly intelligent.

Harmony: the sensual intelligent robot that revolutionizes the sex industry

The developers Abyss Creations are currently at the prototype stage. Harmony is always ready to meet your needs and does not require foreplay or romantic words. The best aspect is that she offers sex and intimacy to become more than an erotic toy.

In addition to having sex, her abilities move into companionship. Made with silicone that mimics human skin, Harmony smiles, winks and communicates outside of just sex. The robot will be capable of maintaining conversations, learning your personal tastes, interests, and even the important things that happen in your life.

This will help her get to know you and form a relationship that would make sex with robots much more than a simple act of temporary satisfaction. The creators of Harmony indicate the humanoid robots appearances can be customized according to the tastes of its owner to provide their ideal companion in every way.

Harmony is cultured, so there is always a topic of conversation with her. She can tell jokes and her interactions are customized as she learns about the life of its owner. Harmony has the capability of remembering names of friends, family, and important dates.

The development process took five years of research to come up with a robotic model that will replace classic sex dolls. Harmony won't just be lying in bed like a stiff. She is equipped with the ability to shift positions using sensors, rotate her hips, and make realistic sounds in the precise moment.

This sex robot is more than a toy. Especially since owning one will set you back $15,000.00.The Harmony robot is expected to be ready by the end of this year. Initially, only 1,000 units of this sexual Android will have the ability to fill emotional needs. If you have the extra cash lying around, it is possible to register on a waiting list to be sure to be the first to have it.


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