7 Interesting Things You Should Know About Sex Before You Get It On Again


We all know that sex is amazing when you're doing it with the right person. Hell, it ain't so bad when it's with the wrong person either. Having a healthy balance in your sex life is great, but being overactive sexually can hurt you. If you have any sex life at all, here are seven interesting things you should know about sex before you get your freak on again.

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1. Threesomes don't live up to the hype.

According to a study of 274 people, young adults aren't too interested in having threesomes. Sixty-four percent of them have an interest in mixed partner threesomes, it's just generally low.

2. Nipplegasms are not a myth.

Not everyone can reach an orgasm from nipple stimulation, but it's definitely a real thing.

3. Sharks and vaginas have something in common.

Squalene is a substance found in the liver of sharks and is a natural lubricant for vaginas.

4. Typical sex sessions don't last too long.

You may want to hump for hours but in reality, an average sex session lasts just 19 minutes.

5. Walking can help erectile dysfunction.

A study published in American Journal of Cardiology in 2015 shows that regularly walking two miles can reduce erectile dysfunction.

6. Back door sex is riskier than vaginal sex.

Anal sex is reserved for people that are adventurous in the bedroom. Before you go knocking on the back door, you should know that anal sex increases the risk of contracting HIV 18 times more than vaginal intercourse.

7. Makeup sex is bad for your relationship.

Makeup sex may feel great, but it's not great for you. Believe it or not, makeup sex can have the same effect on the brain as doing a line of cocaine. Yeah, the drug cocaine.


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