5 Ways Too Much Sex Is Unhealthy


Too much of anything can potentially be bad for you. As great as sex is, it is no different. There are some people who can't get enough sex, and there's nothing wrong with having a high sex drive. The problem occurs if your sex life consumes you.

It's possible that you could be a sex addict and not see the signs that there is a serious issue until the effect influences your quality of life. Here are five ways an overactive sex life can hurt you.

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1. Sex is your primary focus.

Sex is a big deal, but it should never takeprecedence over the more important aspect of life.

2. Sex gets in the way of your productivity.

If you're too busy thinking about sex to get work done, it's clearly becoming a problem. You shouldn't be missing out on work and things of that nature.

3. You could have trouble becoming aroused.

Having too much sex can make sexual encounters become less exciting over time, and could lead to complications with becoming sexually aroused.

4. It could lead to infidelity.

Having an overactive sex life could make it harder to maintain monogamous relationships. The average married couple has sex on average about once a week. That's not going to be enough for anyone with an overactive sex life.

5. You have more chances of exposure to STIs.

It's a reality that the more sexual partners you have, the higher your chances of encountering an STI. It's common sense that having an overactive sex life will put you at greater risk.


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