5 Sex Positions To Try When You're High


Some people prefer to get a nice buzz going with their drug of choice before getting their freak on, but it’s debatable whether or not sex is better while under the influence. If you're one of those people that love smoking the ganja, you already know that 4/20 is quickly approaching.

Sitting around getting stoned with your partner will be the highlight of your day. But after you eat up everything in the fridge, regain some energy, and prepare to light up again, you might be feeling a little frisky. That's why we lined up some positions that'll be extra nice given your heightened senses.

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1. Sitting Face-To-Face

While in a seated position on the edge of the bed, with your partner straddling, hold each other and watch the magic unfold.

2. 69 or Just Foreplay

Since you just blazed up, you might not be in the mood for all of the moving around that other sexual positions require.

3. Doggy Style

This is the IT position anytime, so why not go to it while you're enjoying your 4/20.

4. Spooning

Having sex side-by-side allows both of you to be a little lazy, but you will both still receive pleasure as if you were putting in serious work.

5. Good Old Missionary

Missionary may seem a bit boring because it's one of the most used sex positions, but when your as high as a kite, missionary does an 180.


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