Here's Why Sex Is Better When You Do It In Public


Sex is the most amazing physical activity known to man. Anytime consensual sex is had is great. But just like there's a perfect time of day to get your freak on, there are certain elements that totally enhance the sexual experience.

For centuries people have been doing things that take it to the next level. One of those things is having sex when you're not supposed to be. Whether it be public sex that presents the risk of getting caught, or sleeping with someone else's partner who's supposed to be off limits, people just love walking the sexual tightrope.

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In recent news, a couple had a warrant put out for their arrest for having sex in a courthouse hallway, but this isn't anything unique. The urge to get physical in not so private places is common. It's just that most people are simply smart enough to exercise caution and not to be so brazen.

People who run the risk of getting in serious trouble aren't just doing it for sex. The thrill they get provides an extra incentive that's not just an emotional thing, it's science. Knowing that no one can know what you are doing in that moment, and the unpredictability of sex in uncommon places raises the excitement levels and increases the pleasure payoff in the brain. Having sex with someone who is married provides similar feelings of unpredictability.

Definitely not recommending anything illegal, but research backs up the benefits of sex in public. Imagery research has shown that the parts of the brain associated with pleasure display a significant increase in response to unexpected pleasure as opposed to what we are accustomed to. It has also shown that couples who engage in such activity are more content with their relationships.

The moral of the story is don't get caught!


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