Selena Gomez And The Friend Who Gave Her A Kidney Ended Their Friendship

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At the end of 2017, the friendship between Selena Gomez and the actress Francia Raisa became a sisterhood. Raisa donated one of her kidneys to the Bad Liar interpreter, whose organ was damaged as a consequence of lupus.

Despite sharing more than 10 years of friendship, complicity within the show business, altruistic causes and now even a vital organ, everything suggests that the friendship between Selena and Francia has ended.

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According to an exclusive report by Radar Online, friends in common with Selena and Francia revealed they were not on speaking terms. Although few have taken sides, the reasons they gave allowed fans to be the judges in the middle of the conflict.

On one hand, it was Selena who received the transplant. She was facing a death sentence if she did not do so. While in the hospital, she also went through the end of her relationship with Justin Bieber (after years of infidelity and confusing attitudes on his part).

Later, in mid-2018, Selena was diagnosed with severe depression and admitted to a specialized clinic after a crisis.

Francia Raisa was by her side through it all, but according to her friends she stepped aside when Selena started drinking and adopting habits that she had "sworn" she would not take up again after the operation.

Little was known at the time, but recovery was not difficult only for Selena: Raisa had severe physical consequences after donating her kidney. She needed to stay longer than she had planned in the hospital.

Those on Francia's side claim on social media that they understand her annoyance. After the donor underwent a terrible recovery for her altruistic action, she at least expected her kidney to be "well housed," that is, treated with care by the new bearer, for her own health.

Of course there are those who defend Selena, arguing that no one forced Francia to donate. According to sources close to the ex-friends, Gomez was fed up with feeling that she "owed Raisa something".

The distance between Selena and her donor is likely to be temporary, after all, they have known each other since childhood and strengthened their friendship in 2007, when they visited a children's hospital as part of a charitable gesture together.

Selena and Francia will always share very intimate moments. Until the end of 2018, they still called each other "sister". The Internet will always remember the emotional interview they gave together for NBC shortly after the transplant.

For now, each celebrated their birthdays without talking or seeing each other: Selena Gomez celebrated her 27th birthday in Italy and Francia Raisa organized a fabulous party for her 31st birthday.

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Translated article original published on VIX Spanish, by Carol Sandoval.