Royal Baby’s Birth Certificate Shows Kate’s “Profession” And Debunks HUGE Myth

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The birth of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s third child, Prince Louis Arthur Charles, caused a buzz all over the world.

Besides being the second youngest of the royal family, his birth also made a curious fact about the Royal family resurface: Kate, just like other princes’ wives (like Diana), is not considered a princess.

But Louis' birth certificate, released a few days after his birth day, shows something else.

Is Kate officially a princess?

The princess title creates doubts and speculations. Diana, William and Harry’s mother, received the title of “Princess Diana” from her admirers around the world as a symbolic gesture.

But since Diana did not come from Royal family lineage, this was not her official title.

The same goes for George, Charlotte and Louis’ mother. The British Royal family protocol states that princesses are, in fact, only women that were born inside the Royal family. William and Kate’s daughter, therefore, is a princess.

When Kate and William got married, Queen Elizabeth gave his grandson a new title, Duke of Cambridge and, for this reason, Kate would officially be a Duchess, not a princess.

Kate’s profession: document shows she is a princess

On the “Occupation” field of His Royal Highness Prince Louis birth certificate, which informs his parents occupations, you can see Kate’s profession. People magazine's showed the certificate.

On it, you can see that Kate’s title is “Princess of the United Kingdom”. This document debunks the myth that the wives of princes are not princesses, unlike the women that were born into the Royal family, like little Charlotte.

It could also be similar to what happened to Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband. He received the title as an exception, not something that would usually happen. According to the rules, he should “just” be a Duke.

Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Mariana Amorim.