Does Your Man Have A Lot In Common With Your Brother? There's A Reason For That...

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What do you look for in a romantic partner? If you're into men and you have brothers, did you know that a man who has a physical similarity to your brother could be the reason why you make the decision? New research published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior suggests that women tend to choose partners who look like their siblings.

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"Previous research has already shown that people seem, on average, to choose partners who look like their parents. [...] Some theories have been presented to explain why people would do that. But then we realized that most of these theories could also apply to siblings. So we wanted to test if we could detect the perceptual similarity between the couple and their siblings, "said study author Tamsin K. Saxton of the University of Northumbria in the UK.

When analyzing facial photographs, the researchers found that women's partners tended to resemble their siblings. Although they have not yet tested it with a male sample, they believe that the same trends should also apply to men.

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"One of the goals of our research is to understand more about how people choose their partners, and why people differ in their preferences and choices," Saxton said to PsyPost.

On the other hand, the expert did report the that the similarities appeared to be small and that they are only one factor among many that influence attraction.

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"Not all women had partners who resembled their brothers. There will be many relationships where a woman's partner does not look like her brother, and that's totally consistent with what we find. However, our study found that there was a subtle resemblance, on average, throughout the sample, "said Saxton.

For that reason, Saxton also explained that you should not expect to choose a couple simply because of the similarity you have with a brother. Their study only shows that there is a trend, but this is not something that all women do or feel.