A Creepy Clown Photobombed This Couple's Wedding Photo And It's A Total Nightmare

wedding clown
Pop of Color Images via Storyful

Your wedding photos are meant to be a beautiful, lifetime reminder of the day you tied the knot with bae. Newlywed couples tend to go all out on their big day with professional photos.

Take, for example, a couple from San Antonio, who had their romantic photo sesh in the middle of the woods. Everything was fine and dandy until a creepy clown photobombed their photo—with knife-in-hand and all! It sounds like a stuff of nightmares, but this really happened toTexas-based lovebirds, Vincent Alexander and Manda Mejia.

Just look at the creepy photo below...

wedding clown1
Pop of Color Images via Storyfu

Although we totally expect this to happen during a photo shoot in the woods, the photog admitted that this was the groom's idea for a one-year anniversary gift to his wife who's scared of clowns. (!!!) o_O

"The groom secretly came to me the day of the engagement photos telling me this idea he had," Pop of Color Imagesfessed up on Facebook. "He wanted his brother to be in the background of one of the wedding photos in a clown suit with a knife. This was all a secret and the bride had no idea at the time."

Vincent explained that this was his best-kept secret for an entire year.

"After a year of keeping a secret, she finally opened her anniversary gift. I am shocked she never found out," he noted. "Thanks to my brother Matt Alexander for being my clown and my good buddy Matt O'Brien for being a psycho like me. The pressure is finally off. Happy anniversary sweetheart, I love you to death."

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