Men Fall In Love In 4 Steps: Here's What Each Stage Means

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Despite the amazing chemistry that might exist between a couple and/or the great sex life they share, men and women do not fall in love in the same way. In fact, men fall in love in four steps, and here's what each stage means! 

How a man falls in love: Know the steps

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Stage 1: The visual aspect is fundamental for a man to fall in love with a woman. They may be interested in an intelligent, educated and powerful young woman, but they first focus on their physical appearance. Most men will rarely want to start dating a girl who is not good looking to them. Physical characteristics for a man are essential, but that does not mean that there are standards of beauty, since the tastes are quite variable from man to man.

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Stage 2: The man also needs to feel secure and comfortable next to a woman to fall in love with. The connection, preferences, and affinities at this time will be important for him to begin to love. This does not in any way indicate that the partner should behave in a specific way or force actions only to please the partner.

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Stage 3: When he decides to introduce his partner to family and friends, he will take their "approval" into consideration. The man usually takes the relationship more seriously when the woman meets his circle of friends and loved ones, but only when the fact occurs naturally. 

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Stage 4: Last, but not least, comes sex. The moments between four walls will be considered essential for a man to start loving a woman since once he feels that chemistry and intimacy are strong, he will realize that the picture is complete and that he has found "the" ideal partner. Pleasure and satisfaction, of course, must be equal to both. Therefore, it is not necessary or even indicated to adopt behaviors and practices only to satisfy the companion.

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Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Paulo Nobuo.