Is Your Zodiac Sign The Sufferer Or The One Who Hurts People In A Relationship? Find Out

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Everyone's different, that's why at times, relationships suffer from lack of balance, strength, or understanding between couples. Knowing your partner's sign can help avoid fight and misunderstanding.

In an intimate relationship, we can all, even unintentionally, end up hurting or suffering from certain partner behavior. There are no victims or villains in the process, but it is possible to know in a broad way, through the Zodiac, whether your sign is what suffers or what makes the suffering in love:

Signs that make you suffer in a relationship

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Aries: quite practical and determined, the Aryan can make the other person suffer because of their stubborn and even seemingly cold behavior. They're always honest and their words can be harmful, especially during a fight.

Taurus: Taurean loves stable relationships, but is not happy when someone disagrees with them or share ideas. This might cause the couple to argue a lot to the point of breaking up. 

Leo:  Even if they're loving people, when they realize that something is not going well in the relationship, they can be a little cruel. They might even ignore and distance themselves from the other person to prevent any heartbreak. 

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Scorpio: passionate and intense, Scorpio may be less sensitive to each other's feelings and, because they are less skilled in the dialogues, can make the partner suffer from doubts and inconsistencies.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius has a free spirit and also has a greater tendency to suffer in relationships. The sign hates feeling trapped or suffocated and can be a very distracted partner if they see signs of control.

Capricorn: because it is quite rational and practical, the Cancerian can, even unintentionally, hurt his or her partner with their honesty. At times, they don't measure their words in personal confrontations.

Signs that suffer in love

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Gemini: Dreamer and creative, usually enters the relationship imagining only good times and constant happiness. When you have a reality check, you can suffer greatly from amorous disappointments.

Cancer: one of the most emotive signs of the Zodiac would not fail, of course, to be one of the most suffering ones in love. Gentle, delicate and very attached to the concept of family, the Cancerian can suffer much in love if he or she realizes that things do go as planned. 

Virgo: The Virginian is also very gentle and caring with their loved one. They may end up suffering a lot in love by giving it their all in a relationship, not realizing that the love is, at times, not reciprocal.

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Libra: romantic, Libran can feel quite sad and suffer for love in relationships. In some cases, you may even get involved in the drama and end up having some pleasure in stories of impossible loves.

Aquarius: Aquarius is quite complicated, they don't know how to measure reason and emotion well, and for this reason, end up not realizing signs that something is not going well in the relationship and suffer.

Pisces: Pisces loves to be in a loving relationship by being normally quite romantic and faithful. Because he is very sensitive, he can suffer if he is hurt or even if he or she is responsible for the other's sadness, since the feeling of guilt will also be inevitable.

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Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Paulo Nobuo.