5 Reasons To Rekindle An Old Relationship


Many couples break up to make up until they eventually either decide to tough it out or break up. Even though the latter can be done prematurely, getting back with an ex-lover is usually considered a bad idea. History has a tendency to repeat itself, but this time could be the charm.

Understandably so, many people have staunch rules against letting a blast from the past back in their lives romantically, which can be a good policy that saves you from wasting time reliving a relationship that didn't initially work out. On the other hand, there's also a chance that you could be completely counting out the person that's perfect for you now. Your relationship with that particular person may not have worked out in the past, but here are five reasons that you should consider giving an ex-lover a second chance.

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1. The relationship didn't end with drama.

A peaceful split is a good sign that it's never a good idea to go back into a relationship that ended badly. Never ever consider going back into a relationship with someone who was abusive in any way towards you.

2. You've completely moved on from the past.

Having time to heal is a key factor. Before beginning a new relationship, it's imperative that you have moved on from any romantic feelings that you had for a past lover. In a sense, you have to do the same when rekindling an old flame. You have to let go of anything negative that may have happened in the past to build a new foundation for the relationship.

3. You haven't stopped loving that person.

You never stop loving someone that you truly loved. It won't be difficult for that spark to reignite after spending time together.

4. You already know one another.

With the number of relationship games that people play these days, investing time into getting to know someone new can be a big headache. This isn't to say that you won't bump heads occasionally, but being with someone that already knows you and how to make you happy means that you can avoid a lot of the growing pains that accompany new relationships.

5. Personal growth is evident.

Contrary to popular belief, people can change. You should be able to see improvements before you give an ex another chance to win your heart. Both of you should be in better spaces in life.


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