Ever Wondered What's The Real Reason We Fall In Love? (1 Reason Might Be Your Posture)

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Falling in love is an emotion that is nearly impossible for science to understand - but that doesn't mean plenty of intelligent people haven't tried! To most people, it's simply an indescribable feeling like no other that no one can fully grasp, but that we can all understand. Despite all our advances in neuroscience and our understanding of human hormones and they work, much of falling in love remains a mystery.

Still, that has never deterred people from seeking to discover the reasons behind why we fall in love and what makes people fall in love with us. Could you imagine what would happen if humankind actually discovered that? It would basically be a love potion. Do we actually want that, or is the mystery part of the romance?

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It's all about the thrill...even if it's literally shocking!

There have been several studies conducted in an effort to determine the psychology behind falling in love. One interesting study published in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology points to the thrill behind falling it all. This particular study aimed to demonstrate the thrill of sexual attraction from males to an attractive female. Men were likely to display sexual attraction even with the threat of imminent electric shock for doing so. The shock represented an added thrill instead of a deterrent. That proves that men either have zero self-control or were simply willing to endure the shock.

Or is it your posture?

Other studies suggest that posture plays a large role in falling in love for women. When men have or display an open or relaxed posture, women are more likely to perceive them as potential mates. Another study points to men being able to detect a woman's ovulation cycle, and in turn, respond in a more sexually aggressive manner - which they are more likely to respond to when they are ovulating.

No disrespect, but with studies like those, it's no wonder that why people fall in love is still a mystery. But that said, simply being honest, friendly, and open goes a long way toward getting someone to fall in love with you. It's also a big plus if you have a good sense of humor. Other than that we may never know.