People This Age Are Most Likely To Cheat On You


The 20's, especially the early years, are a time for exploration. For most people, it's when they are discovering themselves and figuring out what direction their life is headed. That's all sounds great, the downside is that it's not so great for monogamous relationships.

We all know that infidelity isn't exclusive and all types of people cheat, but it's not really that surprising that younger people are more likely to cheat. That's right, a new study presents evidence that 20-somethings are more likely to step out on their partners than any other age group.

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People choose to cheat for various reasons, but people in their 20's seem to have some particularly interesting excuses. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Tennessee was published in the Journal of Sex Research and sheds light on the subject.

During the study, 104 young adults were asked why they had cheated on their partners. The majority of the responses were based on the lack of fulfillment in their relationship. There's no excuse for cheating, but that almost sounds reasonable. Other reasons included being under the influence, for the excitement, and simply being attracted to the other person.

The lead author of the study, Jerika Norona told Broadly that “Emerging adulthood is a unique developmental stage in which young people have a lot of figuring out to do, and it’s important to consider the developmental context in which infidelity occurs.” It's great to know why 20-somethings are struggling with commitment, but wouldn't it be better if they simply chose to wait until they are ready to get involved in a commited relationship instead of breaking hearts as they find themselves?


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