What Type Of Women Are Most Likely To Cheat?

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Whenever we think about infidelity, we typically think that it's men who have the most trouble being faithful and we think of women as the loving, heartbroken partners. Once you get over that big misconception, you realise that women also cheat. Women are typically unfaithful for a different reason than men, but that doesn't make infidelity any less heartbreaking.

Not only do women cheat for different reasons, but it also turns out that there are three distinct types of women that are most likely to cheat on their partner. Experts examined over 10,000 profiles for, the leading dating website for married couples in the UK, to determine the traits of a female cheater.

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27 percent of the website's female users described themselves as virile and lonely and 30 percent of female users described themselves as lonely. Ironically, 20 percent of female users are homemakers, which is the most common occupation for the website's number of cheaters.

As for men, the ones most likely to cheat just happen to be tall, smart, and rich. As with other studies, the main reason that men choose to cheat is out of pure lust over physical attraction. Being that the majority of women on the site cheated because they were lonely, this study further shows that women are emotional cheaters.


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