7 Things To Know Before You Cheat

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Even though monogamy seems like it's dead these days, it's not. People have been sleeping around for centuries. The difference is how open society is about cheating and how much it is widely accepted. Being that infidelity plays such a huge role in society, there are a few things you should know.

It's difficult to stop once you start.

Before a person that loves their partner cheats for the first time, it's likely that his conscience will make him think twice about it. After the first time, it gets much easier.

Women are more likely to cheat emotionally.

Cheating often isn't just physical for women. They are more likely to step out on their partner in search of an emotional connection.

People most often cheat with a coworker.

Since the average person spends more time at work than with their family it shouldn't come as a surprise that your partner is most likely to have an affair with a coworker than anyone else.

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A cheater is likely to repeat.

People that cheat are 350 percent more likely to cheat again.

Is a kiss really considered cheating?

According to a survey conducted, nearly 70 percent of people don't consider it that big of a deal if their partner kisses someone else. It depends on how intimate the kiss is.

Most unfaithful men just want sex.

While women are most likely to cheat for the emotional connection, men do the opposite

The in-laws can be a problem

During the later survey, 17 percent of men and women admitted to having affairs with their brother or sister in law.


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