I'm Not Proud Of It, But I Perfected The Art Of Cheating

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Don't judge me. We've all done things that we aren't necessarily proud of. For the majority of my adult life, I had never been faithful in a relationship. It's not like I planned to be a dog. I genuinely wanted to be a good guy, but being unfaithful kind of just came naturally after the first girl I cared about had played with my emotions as a teenager.

Even though I was a habitual cheater, I've been smart enough to stay a few steps ahead and never get caught. I've had some close calls, but always managed to finesse my way out of any situation. The moment that I knew I perfected the art of cheating was when I'd been with my ex-girlfriend for years and she never once questioned me. Now, it could have been that she was doing her own thing and wasn't concerned, but I'm too much of a player to worry about the particulars.

The good thing is that I eventually grew up and wanted to be a better man. Changing my cheating ways was difficult, but I really wanted it. When someone is good at cheating, the signs people look for to tell if their partner is cheating aren't always present. I can't reveal everything, but here are six simple ways that I finessed the game.


Keep lies simple.

Some people tend to tell elaborate lies when questioned. The best thing to do is give a simple answer and move the conversation forward. What you say is what happened, and that's that.

Never start a relationship with the other person.

Just be honest, and let the other person know that you're in a relationship. You'd be surprised how often that fact doesn't change if someone wants to deal with you or not. They will also be less likely to let your partner know if you didn't play with their emotions. You should also be selective about who you choose to cheat with.

Don't do social media.

Too many people put their entire life on social media. What do you think is going to happen when the other woman sees you hugged up with your boo in a photo on Facebook? Chances are she's going to message your partner.

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Keep your lips sealed

You have the right to remain silent. Use it! Don't tell anybody. Even your friends will spill the beans in the right circumstances.

Cheat in another city.

Cheating in the same city that you live in increases the likelihood that your partner or someone he or she knows will spot you doing dirt. That's a chance you don't want to take.

Keep home happy.

You can't be a cheater and treat your lover like crap. It's a moral aspect, but making sure your partner is happy and your relationship runs smoothe will eliminate your partner's suspicions.


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