Is A Kiss Really Cheating?


Depending on who you ask, you can get a few different answers on this issue. Some people say yes, while some say no. Others say that nothing is cheating if you don't get caught, but that kind of response usually comes from someone that doesn't have a faithful bone in their body.

Throughout history and across cultures, a kiss can be used to communicate an abundance of different things. So, should you consider it cheating if your partner just happens to touch lips with someone other than you? Honestly, every couple views infidelity differently. For some, it may depend on how passionate the kiss was and if it meant something or lead something more. A survey taken by reviewed the responses of more than 3,000 people in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia and the results gave some interesting insight.

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Surprisingly only 31.5 percent of people surveyed considered kissing to be a form of infidelity. That means that nearly 70 percent of people are semi-okay with their partner kissing someone else, and 24.3 percent said that kissing shouldn't be considered cheating at all. No wonder society has a huge problem with infidelity!

This study should be prefaced with the fact that the people surveyed are members of a website known for people looking for action outside of their marriage or relationship. If a similar survey was taken on a dating platform that targets people seeking a monogamous relationship, the results would likely reveal more participants considering kissing as a form of cheating.

According to the group surveyed, it also depends on what type of kiss took place. 44.1 percent of the survey's participants said that it depends on how intimate the kiss was. On a more positive note, at least those people aren't breaking up. 53.6 percent of people said they don't feel that kissing would be enough of a reason to end the relationship. Only 17 percent of people said that their partner kissing someone else would be an absolute dealbreaker.


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