Men Vs. Women: Where Are They Most Likely To Cheat?

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Infidelity is a terrible reality, and it doesn't get any better is there are so many ways to cheat. Unfortunately, being unfaithful is easier and can be more discreet than it ever was before, which sucks for loyal people that take monogamy seriously.

With the social media era in full swing, anyone looking to cheat doesn't have to leave the comfort of their home to find some action. In today's digital age simply swiping right can connect you with a potential mate, which is fantastic for single people, but it's also part of what makes infidelity so easy and tempting. There are even social sites dedicated to married people looking to discreetly get into some extracurricular activity. In fact, statistics show that 40 percent of online affairs turn into real life cheating.

In 41 percent of marriages, one or both spouses have admitted to being unfaithful at some point, and people who have cheated have been found to be 350 percent more likely to cheat again. Studies have even shown that the reasons behind why men and women cheat differ. Men choose to cheat based on physical attraction, while women tend to do so for the emotional connection. But how does gender influence when and where cheating occurs.

There are countless places and opportunities for infidelity to take place and a smorgasbord of potential people to cheat with. It can literally happen with anyone at any time and any place, but there are some interesting factors at play based on gender. Even though men and women cheat for apparently different reasons, the place that it happens most frequently remains the same.

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Infidelity statistics calculated by Statistic Brain suggest that 36 percent of men and women admit to having affairs with coworkers. 35 percent of the people surveyed admitted to cheating on their significant other during business trips.

It shouldn't come as a surprise because we spend the majority of our time at work building connections with our coworkers, but it's still a bit of a shocker. Working full-time means that you spend at least eight hours a day and five days a week together, which is probably more time than you get to spend with your family.

For women, work created the perfect environment to covertly develop that emotional connection that provides them a reason to cheat. For men, it's basically a matter of simply being there and being attracted to the other person. Now, that should make you worry less about your significant other going to happy hour and more concerned about how much time they are spending at the office.

Oh yeah! 17 percent of men and women surveyed admitted to having an affair with their brother-in-law or sister-in-law so, you might want to keep your eyes peeled for any funny business.


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