Men And Women Cheat For Different Reasons, But Is Either Acceptable?


It's not like we couldn't have seen this one coming, right? In general, people have their own reasons for why they do the things they do. On top of that, we all deal with the same relationship dramas, for the most part, but still, every relationship is unique.

The old saying: Men are from Mars and women from Venus paints a vivid picture of how different we can be. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that the reasons behind why men and women choose to be cheat differ.

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No matter what reason a person has for being unfaithful, it doesn't make it any less painful when their partner learns that he or she has decided to step outside of their relationship. Considering that aspect, is there ever an acceptable reason to cheat? Here's what was discovered about why men and women choose to be unfaithful.

A survey taken by Superdrug Online Doctor asked American and European men and women about the reasons why people cheat. The results showed a huge discrepancy between gender. Based on the survey taken, men tend to cheat in order to achieve physical connections that they aren't getting at home. On the other hand, women decide to cheat on their partners in order to receive emotional support they are not receiving from their partner.

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Many men surveyed didn't view fulfilling their physical desires as really cheating. What they did was fulfill a need because either they were attracted to the person they cheated with or they are unhappy with the sex in their relationship. Men also showed less self-control and found it difficult to resist being hit on in public.

The survey showed that women pursued the emotional support because of doubts regarding their own relationship. However, women were more likely to cheat because of the emotional connection shared with the other person. Cheating of any kind is bad enough, but cheating with emotions involved is said to be the worst type because it involves so much more that just sex.


Regardless of gender, the overall underlying reason for cheating seems to be that individuals feel that they aren't getting what is needed from their partner. This survey stated that men prioritize physical closeness over emotion, while women go for emotional support over just physical.

The reality is that no matter what excuse a person has for cheating, there is no acceptable reason. Communicating with your partner about the things your relationship lacks could go a long way. If that fails, it's much less complicated and heartbreaking to end it, so both of you can pursue a happier love life.


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