5 Things You Need To Know About Polyamorous Relationships

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People say that you can't have your cake and eat it too. Those people must have never heard of polyamory. Times are rapidly changing when it comes to relationships and there are so many different types of relationships for people to consider if monogamy just isn't right for you.

Some people would opt for open relationships, but there are a few disadvantages. On the other hand, Polyamory is the state of being in love with multiple partners at once and may be a better relationship fit.

Polyamory isn't as simple as having multiple partners to take care of your every waking need. It's not about sex or avoiding monogamy without consequence. Polyamorists genuinely love all of their partners. The practice adds a considerable amount of difficulty to the already complex nature of love and relationships.

Here are five big things you should know about polyamory.

There are no secret partners.

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Each partner involved in a polyamorous relationship should be completely aware and be accepting of each other. If not, you're basically cheating.

There's no scoreboard.


By no means is polygamy a race to see who can have the greatest number of romantic partners. In fact, lovers should be very cognizant of who they involve themselves with and the role that each partner plays in the overall relationship.

It doesn't solve relationship issues.

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Having multiple partners seems like a simple solution to relationship problems. When one partner isn't making you happy, you can just spend more time with the other, right? No, that's not how polyamory works. These are real deal relationships and you have to work things out.

Relating to your partner's other companions is key.

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No matter how many partners are involved in a polyamorous relationship, everyone has to keep in mind that you are all in one relationship. When everyone gets along life is pleasant.

Plan on being flexible.

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Succesful monogamous relationships require a great deal of compromise so, imagine having multiple ongoing monogamous relationships going on at once. That's pretty much what polyamory is. There are multiple personalities, schedules, careers, and so on to account for. Making yourself as flexible as possible will help make the relationship run as smoothly as possible.


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