19 Text Messages That Will Make Him Smile And Miss You Even More


Text messages can seriously brighten someone's day. You know how it feels to get sweet messages from your crush, so why not send one to him?

It's said that actions speak louder than words, but when we're apart from the person we care about, words can really help make us feel close and loved. Sending a short message to him can make him smile and miss you even more. If you two are long distance, or just living very busy lives, these sweet messages can help pass the time until you get to see each other again.

Here are 19 text messages you can try out for yourself. He'll love them!


"Thanks for being there when I need you."

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"You + me + food + movie = the perfect night. How does that sound for tonight?"



"There's no one like you."

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"Hey sexy! Can't stop thinking about you."

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"I'm crazy about you."

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"I was just thinking about our first date, and how great it was."



"No one can make me smile like you do."


"I want to see you."

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"When do I get to see you again? I hope it goes by quickly."

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"You make me feel incredible about myself."

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"I hope you know you're a great person."



"I love you so much!"



"I miss you."

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"Am I dreaming? This is so perfect."

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"Your smile is the most beautiful of all."

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"I wish you could be right here with me."

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"Just thinking of you makes me blush."

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"I'm so lucky to have met you."

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"Wish we could have called in sick today and spent the day together."

Sending your man a text message can really change his mood, especially if he has been having a rough day. Sweet messages can remind him of the good times you have together, and how wonderful your relationship is.

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