It's Just Science: Men Fall In Love Faster Than Women


A lot of people like to tease women of being all "head over heels" with a new partner, quickly changing Facebook relationship statuses and posting photos on IG with their new beau. However, a new scientific study has proven that men are actually more likely to fall in love first.

A study published inThe Journal of Social Psychologytook 172 college students and found that men were more likely to say "I love you" first, and reported falling for their partner quicker than their female counterparts. It's important to note that we are referring to relationships involving cisgender women and men.

The reason why is might be biological, though. The reason men might be quicker to tell a woman they love her, rather than her telling him, is because biologically women are more prone to being "selective." This is because women naturally view pregnancy as a really big commitment, so they really try to make sure their partner is someone they want to have kids with and someone who would be a good parent before actually "falling in love."

However, there also might a societal component here. Men might feel a need to tell the woman they are with that they love them since traditional gender roles put men in a position of leadership in a relationship. Meaning, they are more likely to be expected to "take care" of a woman in many different ways, including physically, financially, and emotionally. By telling a woman they love her, men then become the one who takes the first initiative.

Regardless though, the study puts a few myths to rest: that women are "too emotional" in their relationships, are only thinking about about getting married when they are in relationship, or that they rush into relationships too quickly/make rash decisions.