9 V-Day Cards For The Boyfriend You Found By Swiping Right

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Valentine's Day is coming up, which means you're trying to find a nice gift for your guy. You know, the one you totally met through Tinder. Because how does anyone meet anyone these days? In a bar? At a book store? Pshh.

If you're celebrating the fact you've found your Tinder sweetheart this year, you'll want to avoid a cheesy V-Day card, opting instead for one that actually celebrates how y'all met. Okay, so maybe these cards are more about poking a little fun at meeting on Tinder. At least they're relatable!

1. I'm so glad you swiped right.

PessimisticHearts via Etsy

Tell your guy you're super happy you swiped right for him. The art on this one is really colorful and bright. It has a bit of that "vintage tattoo" style in its illustration, which makes it a much better pick than those glittery Hallmark things.

Available on Etsy, $6.50

2. You're right swipe material.

TurtlesSoup via Etsy

He knows this already because swiped for him (duh!), but remind him again. It's always great to hear that you're right swipe material. This gives you the perfect opportunity to write all the reasons why you swiped right, inside the card.

Available on Etsy, $4.50

3. I'm glad I swiped right for you.

DarwinDesignsCards via Etsy

This card has actually been featured on the Huffington Post,, and with good reason. The beautifully designed, minimal card says what it needs to say, with no frills. This year, tell it like it is.

Available on Etsy, $3.00

4. Thanks for not being just another weirdo on the Internet.

KnottyCards via Etsy

Let your guy know that you're grateful he wasn't a DP-sending creep.

Available on Etsy, $4.50

5. It was love at first swipe.

SKcardshop via Etsy

Love at first sight? Yeah right! More like love at first SWIPE! Let your man know you're glad you guys swiped right for each other, and that his killer bio and lack of douche-y, shirtless photos made you want him even more.

Available on Etsy, $4.50

6. Can we tell people we just met in a bar and not on Tinder?

ParadisePapercraft via Etsy

Embarrassed that you two met on Tinder? Did you try deciding what you would tell your friends about how you two met? The grocery store? The bar? This adorable V-Day card pokes fun at that fact you two met on an app in a really sweet and humorous way. Make him smile.

Available on Etsy, $4.75

7. It's a match!

SnapProps via Etsy

Recreate the joy you both felt when you found out you guys swiped right for each other! This V-Day card is a cute ode to your relationship. Get nostalgic by customizing it with the photos you each had on your Tinder profiles.

Available on Etsy, $7.00

8. Thanks for swiping right!

urhoneybunny via Etsy

Let him know you're really happy that he swiped right. It will make his day, and shows him that you're grateful to have him in your life in a non-cheesy, non-mushy way.

Available on Etsy, $4.00

9. Thanks for not telling my parents we met on Tinder.

NovellyIllustrated via Etsy

For that time he totally had your back and said you guys met through a friend. #ThatsRealLove.

Available on Etsy, $4.00

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