13 Songs That Will Empower You To Ditch Your Toxic Relationship

empowering songs to end toxic relationship

Hey you. Yea, you! The one who is stuck in a toxic relationship but is too afraid to say anything about it. Let me tell you something, you are not alone.

But that doesn't mean it's O.K. to tolerate each and every single SHIT your "so-called" significant other does that's making you unhappy.

Enough with the body shaming, enough with the manipulation, enough with the humiliation, enough with the insults, enough with the abuse.

I don't mean to sound cliché, but enough is enough!

toxic relationship empowering playlist
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Whether you've been dating your abusive partner for a couple of months or way-too-many years, it's about time you stand up for yourself and move on.

Trust me, it's as easy as it sounds and—here I go being cliché again—there's always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Don't ever put up with anyone's crap again, because in the end, and as much as you've hit rock bottom in a toxic relationship, YOU ARE WORTHY AF.

If my humble advice is not making you react, let these songs do the talking:

1. Que Creias? - Selena

2. I Get Out - Lauryn Hill

3. Rival - Romeo Santos Ft. Mario Domm

4. Just Another Dude - Kat Dahlia

5. Unpretty - TLC

6. No - Shakira

7. La Prisión - Maná

8. Déjame Vivir - Jarabe de Palo

9. Ella - Bebe

10. Survivor - Destiny's Child

11. Because Of You - Kelly Clarkson

12. Adios - Gustavo Cerati

13. Stronger - Britney Spears

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