5 Reasons Why Being Friends First Is Key In A Long-Lasting Relationship

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Most of the times our relationships will fall apart after about three months, which is the point in time that many joke ends the “window period” of getting to know someone and is when their true colors show. We often make a decision at this point: to stay or not to stay?

The relationships that last, on the other hand, are those where the couple were friends first, and had a slow progression into a relationship. It’s fun and exciting once it moves in that direction, and you're almost guaranteed success because both people know each other very well (and the chemistry is there, *wink wink*).

If you’re looking for a little more justification as to why it’s better to be friends first, here’s a list of five reasons.

1. You’ll find it exciting when you start dating.

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You’ve been wondering what it will be like and then it finally happens. You know you both have great chemistry and enjoy having fun together, but you can’t tell me the thought of hooking up hasn’t crossed your mind. The tension has been building up and that first kiss is surely going to be filled with fireworks.

2. You don’t have to rely on sex.

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Because you have your friendship to serve as the foundation, you don’t have to rely on sex to make you both feel close to each other, and once the excitement of the sex fizzles out, you’ll still have your love for each other.

3. It will most likely last.

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You have a strong foundation, which lends itself to a longer, more meaningful relationship. When the going gets tough you know you can lean on each other because of that solid friendship, and because you have probably already been through ups and downs together, dealing with difficult situations will come easily for you both.

4. You can have fun together.

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This will take you far. You both probably have the same interests, and might even have the same group of friends, and you know each time is going to be a great one. You can bank on having fun and not arguing, and hey, even if you do argue, you’ll always come back to each other.

5. You know each other’s flaws.

Which will make the relationship a whole lot easier. Instead of having to learn about things that make each other tick, you’ll already know from being friends beforehand.

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