How To Break Free From A Toxic Friendship

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If you and your BFF have been having some issues lately (or for some time) it might be time to call the relationship quits. Just like romantic relationships can become toxic and unhealthy, so can friendships.

There are several signs that a friendship is going south and is no longer serving one or both people in the relationship. These include always feeling drained from being there for your friend but not having them be there for you, having them make you feel guilty, and a lack of keeping in contact with one another.

If you have a feeling your friendship isn’t at its healthiest and it’s time to breakup, here’s how to do it.

1. Let it happen naturally.

This one is the easiest way out, but, it’s not uncommon for it to happen this way. When on friend feels like the relationship isn’t serving them anymore, and the two are realizing that they don’t have much in common anymore, it might mean that they are naturally growing apart. This is an easy way to break away from a friendship. Both parties will simply start meeting new people and taking up their own interests, which will cause the friendship to naturally dissolve.

2. Slowly stop contact.

One way to have the relationship dissolve is to just slowly start pulling away from the relationship. He or she will probably get the hint, but it might take you having to tell them outright if they do corner you and ask what’s going on. This option might be a little more awkward, BUT you are an adult and can handle it. Slowly start hanging out with a new group of people and pull away from your old circle. Eventually, you’ll head in a new path away from him or her. Also try pulling away from always being there for them, especially if you notice they are not doing the same for you anymore. Would you keep being there for a boyfriend or girlfriend that wasn't returning the favor? At some point it is exhausting and emotionally draining.

3. Straight-up tell them what’s going on.

This is by far the most difficult option, but it will also give you the quickest result. For a relationship you just really can’t take anymore, sit your friend down or send them a text (or call them) and tell them why you don’t want to be friends with them. It’s just like a breakup, and sometimes, just like a breakup, it is necessary. If you’re mad that your friend kissed your boyfriend behind your back or turned in your paper under her name, tell her that.

Then call it quits and never look back.

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