Make Your Own GIGANTIC McDonald's Hash Brown With This Recipe

hashbrowns mcd
Shutterstock / YouTube @HellthyJunkFood

The potato game at McDonald's is so strong that two of their popular items on the menu are their french fries (obviously) and their hash browns (also, obviously). They're also very affordable selling at $1 a piece.

But if you do the math,—especially for those people who buy hash browns for breakfast or fries for lunch on the regular—investing on these dollar menu items can take a toll on your savings.

But thanks to the internet, there's now a way you can make your own McDonald's hash browns at home. This recipe, however, is so big that it can feed your entire squad.

The video, posted by HellthyJunkFood, became a trending topic on YouTube garnering over 2 million views since it was published on May 13. We totally understand the obsession. Check out the entire recipe below:

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