8 Pie Recipes That Will Give You An Excuse To Celebrate Pi Day

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Pi Day is like Christmas for everyone who's a sucker for math. Observed every March 14th in honor of the mathematical constant π (pi), Pi Day is celebrated on this day since 3.14 are its first three digits.

This holiday has been a thing since the '80s but it wasn't until 2009 that the House of Representatives declared the 14th of March as National Pi Day. There are many ways to celebrate, but most popularly by eating a delicious pie!

With that said, here are 8 pie recipes—from sweet to salty—that will give you the perfect excuse to celebrate!

#1 McDonald's-Style Apple Pie

#2 Bacon Chicken Cottage Pie

#3 Pasta Pie

#4 Heart-Shaped Mini Cherry Pies

#5 Cheesy Hot Dog Pie

#6 Lemon Cream Pie

#7 Creamy Chicken Pie

#8 Classic Pumpkin Pie

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